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Fruit Picker

Fruit Picker and Packer Jobs in Australia

The demand for fruit pickers and packers is increasing fast in Australia. This
article will provide you with a quick guide on how to find fruit picking jobs
in Australia. You can also find out about how much pickers earn on average and
how to get a second year visa. The last thing you want is to get ripped off on
accommodation in Australia.

Getting a job as a fruit picker

Getting a job as a fruit-picker and packer is a great option for people looking for a
flexible working environment. Many fruit-picking jobs require you to work
outdoors and may be a bit of physical labour. To stay healthy, you should be in
good physical condition, and should be prepared to work for long hours outdoors
in the hot sun. Sunscreen, hats, and enough water are essential.

When looking for a fruit-picking job, make sure to ask about the accommodation on
the farm. Some farms have accommodation on site and some don’t. Others allow
you to camp on their property, but make sure to ask about accommodation
options. Many orchard owners provide clippers to cut fruit stems to avoid
repetitive strain injuries. Some of the fruit picking jobs in Australia have
large seasonal volumes, so you must be able to handle a large amount of fruit.

Average picker salary

Depending on the experience of the fruit picker, the average salary for this job varies
from $30 per hour to $58,500 per year. Entry-level pickers can expect to make
$52,650 per year, while those with more experience can earn up to $82,875 per
year. Read on to find out which fields have the highest demand for pickers. And
don’t worry if you’re not yet old enough to drive! You’ll be happy working at
Costa, one of Australia’s leading fresh produce companies.

While picking fruit may seem like a low-paying job, it can be extremely rewarding.
Many fruit pickers are backpackers. This work gives them the opportunity to
meet new people and make great business deals. Many backpackers use these jobs
as a way to fund their trip. Since fruit picking is physically demanding, it’s
essential to be physically fit and wear proper sun protection. It’s also
important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration.

Getting a second year visa

The second year visa for fruit picker and packers jobs in Australia is possible if
you have two years’ relevant experience and can demonstrate that you are in
need of the occupation. If you are a skilled worker and are employed by a
registered employer, you can apply for a second year visa by fulfilling the
relevant requirements. The visa is valid for up to four years, and you can
extend it by completing a further six months of specified farmwork in the
second year.

For example, let’s say that you are employed on a fruit orchard for 88 days. That
works out to be about half of your full-time employment. You’ll need to meet
the work requirements in order to get the visa, which are usually more
complicated than they seem. You can apply for the second-year visa while you’re
in the country, and the second year will start from the date your first-year
visa expires.

Tax part of a fruit picking job

Working in the fruit industry was once a lucrative job for young people who loved the
sun and the fresh produce. Thousands of people flocked to Cobram to work in big
orchards and camp along the Murray River for the season. Now, the industry is
desperate to employ people to help pick the fruit and wants guest workers to
help with the workload. However, there are many things to keep in mind before
embarking on this kind of work.

The pay for a fruit picking job can range anywhere from GBP 500 a week. While you
may be paid for the work in cash, you must pay the relevant tax and National
Insurance Contributions before leaving the country. You may be able to claim
your tax later, depending on your circumstances. The pay for fruit picking
varies depending on the location, type of fruit, and productivity rate.
Generally, each week you work for fruit picking pays about $1,034 per week.

Creating a platform for fruit picking jobs

Fruit picking in Australia is an important part of Australia’s agricultural industry,
but the work is often difficult, hot and dangerous. Thankfully, there are ways
to avoid these dangers and find a job that is fun, rewarding, and safe. Here
are some tips for finding fruit picking jobs. First, read the safety tips. It
is not a good idea to pick fruit when you are tired or unfit.

Another benefit of fruit picking is the opportunity to live on-site and meet new
people. While you are working, you will be docked a small amount of money to
cover your accommodation. Fruit picking is a great way to make extra cash, and
many backpackers use it to fund their travels. You can find seasonal work in
Australia through a variety of platforms.


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