LATEST HOUSE KEEPER job is now available in Ireland.

Ireland is a beautiful country in Europe that offers a wide range of jobs to people from all over the world. However, many deserted positions of the jobs are empty following the COVID, thus many firms are employing new employees for various valuable positions.

Below is the latest housekeeper job in ireland.


Housekeeping jobs:

The Room Attendant must be polite, friendly, and able to address difficulties or special requests in order to convey a positive image of the hotel to visitors. The Room Attendant must understand his or her duty as a brand ambassador and provide all customers with favourable brand experiences.


There is no Job requirement for degree or experience, and we will train you one on one.

ability to follow directions

A person’s ability to communicate effectively is an asset. He/she can apply for house keeping.

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a valuable resource.

Capable of dealing with people in a sensitive, polite, diplomatic, and professional manner at all times.

Professional dress and demeanour.

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  • Rooms that are clean according to Sandman Hotel standards
  • Maintains current knowledge of all chemicals and cleaning products, as well as the proper handling procedures
  • Responds promptly and courteously to guests’ and staff’s enquiries, requests, and concerns. Ensures that all lost property items left in guest rooms are noted on the worksheet and given in to the Supervisor/Manager at the conclusion of the shift.
  • Ensures that all maintenance and safety hazards are reported to the Supervisor/Manager as soon as possible in order to reduce hazard risk.
  • Takes personal responsibility for equipment, ensuring that it is properly and securely operated at all times.
  • Notifies the management of any strange or suspicious persons or actions occurring in the security area.
  • Any maintenance issues, such as burned out light bulbs, are reported.
  • Check under the bed, drawers, and closet for any things or rubbish that may have been left behind.
  • Cleans the sink and fixtures and replenishes all towels, soap, glasses, comment cards, coffee, and other amenities.
  • Cleans coffee pots as needed, and ensures the pots are plugged in.
  • Arrange furniture in accordance with how it will be used by guests.
  • Ensure the security of the guest rooms and the privacy of the guests.
  • Perform laundry activities as needed, such as collecting, sorting, and transporting laundry at the start of each shift.
  • Remove laundry from dryers and fold quickly to prevent wrinkling.
  • Stock the linen supply area with clean linens for the next day’s use.
  • Bed linens, blankets, Duvets/Comforters, towels & face cloths, and restaurant table linens are all included in the laundry. All cleaning cloths will be rinsed, dried, and folded at the end of the day for housekeeping purposes.
  • As needed, minor mending repairs are necessary.
  • If necessary, perform House person duties.
  1. Excellent client service.
  2. Time management abilities are required.
  3. Adaptable to change and be able to handle many priorities under duress.
  4. Excited and focused on exceeding guests’ expectations.

        Benefits of working in IRELAND:

        Ireland provides great job opportunities to international workers looking for work. Working in Ireland also has a lot of advantages. We’ll look at a few of them.

        1 High standard of living:

        Ireland, notably the municipality of Dublin, ranks well in the quality of life index. Dublin was ranked first in both Ireland and the United Kingdom for the quality of life.

        2 Good annual average salaries:

        Overall, the federal average yearly wage is just about EUR 39,000. (USD 43,000). This figure assumes that a full-time employee’s regular yearly income is approximately EUR 48,000 (US$ 53,000) and a part-time worker’s annual income is approximately EUR 18,000 (US$ 20,000).

        3 Insurance Advantages:

        Employers in Ireland provide life insurance and health insurance to their employees.

        4 Travel Passes for Free:

        Civil Health Services [include Medical Cards and Drug Payment Schemes] Immunization of children

        Sheltering results in a driver’s licence.

        Advantages in health and education

        Ireland’s public healthcare system is funded by general taxes and so free of charge.

        5 Society that is multicultural:

        Ireland is a highly cosmopolitan country, with emigrants contributing to the economy and the country’s unique culture. The folks here are calm and friendly.

        6 Bicycle accident attorney:

        Bicycle accident attorneys are also available if any accident takes place.

        7 Motorcycle injury lawyers:

        Ireland also provides best motorcycle accident attorney, you just have to search in google “motorcycle injury lawyers”

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