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Latest Best Multiple jobs In Dubai, ABU-DHABI, UAE 2022

Multiple Jobs In Dubai, ABU-DHABI and UAE 2022

Multiple Jobs In Dubai are available now. The UAE’s new law will allow employees to work for more than one employer starting February 2, 2022. The law is a change to the federal labour law, which allows private sector employees to work part-time, temporary, and flexible jobs. Part-time jobs are contracts that only last a specified period of time, while temporary and flexible jobs are per-project contracts. There will be more jobs available in these industries than ever before.

With the new laws, part-time work will be allowed in the UAE. This type of employment will ensure that employees have the same opportunities as full-time workers, and will also protect their rights. Furthermore, employees will be allowed to work for more than one employer. This means more job opportunities and higher salaries! But how will employers find qualified candidates? Listed below are the top five industries in the UAE looking for new talent.

The new UAE labor law will also introduce flexibility in work hours. Under this law, employees will be allowed to work different hours and days and work part-time or full-time. They will be free to make changes to their schedules based on economic factors or volume of work. The new law will also allow employers to hire employees whose contracts have expired. This is great news for employers and employees alike. If you are looking for flexible jobs in the UAE, be sure to check out the UAE government’s website!

As the UAE’s national day is Friday, it is now illegal to discriminate based on religion or gender. The UAE’s new labour law prohibits discrimination based on religion, and employers must accommodate requests from employees for remote working. By the end of the year, school will be half-day on Fridays, and public policy supports this. The law will prevent employers from making this a priority.

The UAE’s new labor law will also require employers to retain employment records of their employees for two years. If they fail to do so, they could be fined a million UAE dirhams. However, the new law will not affect the free zones or companies in the free zones. It applies to all UAE employers, including those in the private sector. The new regulations are meant to protect workers and employers from potential lawsuits.

New labour law stipulates that employees in UAE can terminate their employment only if they have been in the country for three months. The law also says that the employee must give at least 14 days’ notice before leaving the country. In addition, the new labor law stipulates that the new employer must compensate the previous employer for the cost of recruiting the new employee. If the new laws do not include these provisions, the UAE will not implement the changes.

Multiple jobs In Dubai

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Job Details:

REF 1132551

11.11.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time


Ensure that guests sign in and out upon arrival and departure. Inform guests about the rules that must be followed. Remove trespassers or unwanted individuals from the property. If a crime or an accident occurs, notify the appropriate authorities. On a regular basis, report to supervisors.

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REF 1132574
RENEWED: 19 minutes ago
11.11.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time

Cash registers are used to manage customer transactions. Scan the goods to ensure the pricing is correct. Collect payments in cash or on credit. Provide receipts, refunds, change, or tickets as needed. Stamps and coupons can be redeemed. Introduce new products and cross-sell existing ones. Resolve customer complaints and provide guidance.

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REF 1132559

11.11.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Provide customers with menus. Take customer orders and relay this to the kitchen. Serve food and beverages to customers. Listen to any complaints that patrons have and address them appropriately. Prepare bills and process payments.

REF 1132558

11.11.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Ensuring that all food is of excellent quality and served in a timely manner Planning the menu, keeping in mind budget, and availability of seasonal ingredients Overseeing all kitchen operations Coordinating kitchen staff, and assisting them as required.

REF 1132545

11.11.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Keep track of monthly, quarterly and yearly goals Work with management to assess and improve processes and policies Monitor and report on revenue and cash flow Uphold and enforce company policies Train new hires Address employee complaints or performance issues as needed Check in with employee.

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